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Fire Protection Services
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Fire Extinguisher Services: Inspection, Maintenance, & Sales

Whether you are opening a new business or looking to improve your current protection strategy, Hollon Fire Protection provides for all your fire safety needs. We'll help you navigate the fire safety regulations in your area and customize a fire safety plan to keep you in compliance. We provide a variety of services including annual inspections, maintenance, installation and Hydrostatic testing of your fire extinguishers. Fire safety and code compliance consulting for your business. HOLLON enables you to be prepared for a fire emergency.

  • Licensed Inspection
  • Comprehensive maintenance and service of fire extinguishers
  • Fire safety equipment sales

Hollon Fire Protection uses only industry specific state of the art equipment. We utilize mobile inspection, testing & maintenance vehicles which allow us to perform all work on site. Your fire extinguishers will never be taken off site unless absolutely necessary. If for any reason an extinguisher is removed for outside testing or maintenance, an extinguisher of the same type and classification will be placed in service until work on your equipment is completed. Our staff will make every effort to minimize any disruption to your business while performing our task.

Hollon Fire Protection record keeping is unmatched. We will record all your fire safety equipment by serial number, type, size, location, work preformed and date of next required service. All paperwork will be forwarded to your designated employee in digital and paper format for your. records.

OK License # 1899 / Licensed. Bonded. Insured.